Routine re-care appointments

It is important to see your Denturist and Dentist annually, here is why.

Dentist checkups are just as vital, whether you have all or none of your own natural teeth. Part of your check up to your dentist is for them to look for and recognize any pathology that may need attention.
If you do not have a dentist, contact our office and we can refer you to one.

OVDC Denture Recare


Denture Relines

A reline is the process whereby a new base material is added to the soft tissue side of your denture, which will allow them to fit better once again.


Denture Repairs

Repairs are done at our onsite lab, which minimizes the cost of repair as well as the duration you would be without your denture. A repair is usually when we fix or add to an existing denture.


Rebase Dentures

Rebase is the process whereby all the old denture base acrylic is removed and replaced with new acrylic. This process is only done if the teeth are still in good condition.