OVDC Denture Repair

Repairs are done at our onsite lab, which minimizes the cost of repair as well as the duration you would be without your denture. Most times repairs can be done the same day, depending on the reason for or the extent of the repair. Breakage of a denture could be from natural wear and tear, or it could be an indicator of an underlying problem such as the age of denture, worn teeth or poor fit.

What is considered a repair?

A repair can mean fixing a denture that is broken in half, a tooth popping out or even adding an additional tooth or clasps to your existing denture. Not one repair is ever the same.

It is important to know that a denture can become weakened or compromised if the denture has been repaired more than once in the same place. There are many reasons as to why your denture is breaking! Schedule a free consultation with your Denturist to discuss your options or to figure out what is causing your denture to break.

Whatever you do, DO NOT try to glue your broken denture yourself! Always take your denture to your Denturist for repair.


Denture Relines

A reline is the process whereby a new base material is added to the soft tissue side of your denture, which will allow them to fit better once again.


Rebase Dentures

This is the process whereby all the old denture base acrylic is removed and replaced with new acrylic. This process is only done if the teeth are still in good condition.


Denture Re-Care

These are routine follow up exams with patients, whether it be annually or a few months after your first visit. A re-cared appointment allows for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of our patient’s oral health.