When a denture no longer fits, but the teeth are still in good condition in comparison to the denture base, a rebase might be the solution. A rebase can also be referred to as a ‘remodeling’ of the existing denture as it allows for more radical changes to the denture base (as compared to a reline).

This is the process whereby the acrylic base is completely removed and replaced with new acrylic. The Denturist will take an impression of the patient’s mouth and will use this to fabricate the new base of the denture.

A rebase is generally done as an overnight process, requiring the patient to be without teeth for only one night.

We are able to minimize the time you are without your denture by having skilled lab technicians and an in-house laboratory. This is a process that will usually take longer if it is being sent away to a laboratory for processing, thus increasing the time you are without your denture.

Ottawa Valley Denture Clinic Rebase Dentures


Denture Relines

A reline is the process whereby a new base material is added to the soft tissue side of your denture, which will allow them to fit better once again.


Denture Repairs

Repairs are done at our onsite lab, which minimizes the cost of repair as well as the duration you would be without your denture. A repair is usually when we fix or add to an existing denture.


Denture Re-Care

These are routine follow up exams with patients, whether it be annually or a few months after your first visit. A re-cared appointment allows for ongoing monitoring and maintenance of our patient’s oral health.